Gloss Black

MKV Roof Overlay

MKV GTi Roof Overlays are cut from high performance 6 year outdoor vinyl to the exact specs of your vehicle. These overlays come with detailed instructions on how to prepare, install and care for them.


Included in Your Order:


- MKV Roof Overlay

- Detailed Installation Instructions

- Free Sticker!


Warranty and Installation Coverage Disclaimer There is a customer satisfaction guarantee on all dye cut and printed vinyl for up to 1 year from the invoice date. This includes defects on material and UV protection. Replacements will be fulfilled at the discretion of EmpireGFX. We use only high performance vinyl that does not shrink or fade. It adheres well but also peels up easily when purposefully removed. If parked out of direct sunlight product should last beautifully for at least 3-5 years. Installations not performed by an employee of EmpireGFX are at your own risk. We recommend that it is done by a local professional who will cover their own work. Shipping Disclaimer Overseas orders may be subject to an additional charge based on location. If your order requires additional postage an e-mail will be sent out with the actual shipping charges.


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