MK5 Interlagos Plaid Wrap Vinyl

MK5 Interlagos Plaid Wrap Vinyl

Introducing the our new exclusive line of printed wrap vinyl.. the MK5 Interlagos Plaid Wrap Vinyl. We print all of the EmpireGFX Exclusive patterned wrap vinyl sheets in-house on our state of the art wide format latex printer. We only use top of the line Avery wrap vinyl and laminate for our printed wrap vinyls. Avery wrap vinyl has the conformablility to wrap complex surfaces like: interior trim, hoods, roofs, trunks, mirrors, wings, b-pillars and much more! This amazing film is rated for an incredible 5 years in outdoor applications and has clean removability of up to 4 years!


We offer the Exclusive MK5 Interlagos Plaid Wrap Vinyl in a variety of sizes to fit all of your wrapping needs. You can wrap hoods, roofs, trunks, tailgates, interior trim, bumpers or even your entire car with this top of the line vinyl! Simply select the size sheet for your application and start transforming your boring stock pieces into unique show-quality pieces with MK5 Interlagos Plaid Wrap Vinyl!


Included in Your Order:

- Bulk Printed Wrap Vinyl

- Free sticker!


avery bulk vinyl interlagos mk5 plaid